Think Sustainable

Re>discover: our enviro-mentality

At Azrock, we have a mission. It’s not enough for us to create flooring that is environmentally responsible and long lasting. We strive to make flooring solutions that are also practical and affordable. We create products that are good for people, the environment, and the bottom line. This is what makes our business truly sustainable. This is the Triple Bottom Line.

It influences everything we do. It forces us to take a long view. How do our products affect indoor air quality and human safety? How can we reuse the products we make? What kind of world will we leave to the next generation? We have designed the Azrock System of tiles and adhesives around these questions.

All of our tile products include pre-consumer recycled material, using new sources and technologies, we are committed to increasing that percentage annually.

We only use raw materials that are available near our plants, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. We also manufacture products that require minimal wet cleaning, so they use less water and harsh chemicals.

It’s our belief that cleaner air fosters healthier lives. That’s why we make products that meet the high standards of indoor air quality set by the FloorScore™ program. This ensures that you’re breathing cleaner air.

We are dedicated to eliminating waste, too. A great way to do this is to recycle our products. Our ReUse Programs reclaim samples, products and installation waste. First, the Architectural Sample Return Program repurposes unused and outdated samples from specifiers. Then, our Contractor Return Program reclaims clean installation flooring waste, which is incorporated into our new products.

Recycling clean post-industrial or installation waste is one thing. What about the huge quantities of installed floor tiles that are removed each year? Previously, this post-consumer flooring waste was headed straight to your local landfill. Using new technology, Azrock has a post-consumer tile recycling program which can effectively recycle all its resilient flooring tiles.

These are all ways we are making the entire Azrock System of tiles and adhesives more sustainable. Because truly sustainable flooring is more than just a product. It’s a process, a mindset and a promise.